Cotner College Educational Ministries has a variety of named funds held at the Christian Church Foundation. Through the generosity of donors who contribute to these more than 30 named-funds, Cotner College receives a distribution from the Christian Church Foundation. That annual distribution is what Cotner College, then, can make available to fulfill the intention of the donors of each named fund.

The Cotner College Board and Staff have worked closely with the Christian Church Foundation, as well as the staff at Treasury Services of the Office of General Minister and President, to create three possible scholarship categories by pooling the related Named Funds into one of the following Scholarship Funds (Table Below).

Since June 2021, Cotner College has made funds available to applicants. Please carefully read the background descriptions of each type of Scholarship Fund, as well as the process and time-frame detailed below.

Application DeadlineDate ReviewedNotification of Decision
March 31stMay 10thMay 31st
June 30thAugust 10thAugust 31st
September 30thNovember 10thNovember 30th
December 31stFebruary 10thFebruary 28th
The annual distribution for each scholarship category will be spent down as is available throughout the year (see Funds Available section below for details).

The Cotner College Board of Directors will review each application themselves and make a decision about each application. The Cotner College Board has the kind of wisdom, experience, and sensitivities to the review process of scholarship applications. Their review will include considerations such as being consistent with donor and scholarship categories’ intent, having integrity with the spirit of Cotner College, and an abiding commitment to the future development of leaders who are serving, and will serve the Church in any of its expressions.

Scholarship CategoryAvg. Annual Distributions (A.O. 2020)
Education for Leadership Ministries$300 per year
Higher Education / Seminary$2,500 per year
Leadership Development$14,500 per year

For the next three years, 2021-2023, the carry-over funds for each scholarship category will be awarded until they are spent down. Then, the only funds that will be available will be the annual distributions (as reported above as annual averages). Applicants can apply for educational programs that fit one, or more of the following categories.