Disciples National Benevolent Association’s  Documentary and Study Guide: Injustice Anywhere is Injustive Everywhere

The Color of Compromise
Study and Discussion Guide

1st and 3rd Tuesday’s Clergy Zoom Calls
are dedicated to exploring “the truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism”


Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) celebrates the Gospel teaching that God’s children come from all places and that the power of love at God’s table is able to bring together all races, languages, cultures and traditions. (Revelation 5: 9 -10) We recognize that there have been forces within our Church and society that have misshapen our self-understanding and promoted division. Acknowledging God’s call to be faithful to the witness of unity and justice, we confess that we are sinful and that racism is a result of our sinfulness. Yet, God heals us and calls us to be reconciled one to another and all to God.


It is the vision of Reconciliation Ministry to build just communities by breaking down the walls within our church which separate us. We claim a new reality in which we live into God’s realm by celebrating our unity, affirming the cultural traditions of each member of the body of Christ and working together for justice to ensure radical welcome and access to God’s abundant resources. We envision a Church in which all communities are accountable to one another and God.


Reconciliation Ministry advances the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)’s journey toward wholeness by empowering each expression of the Church to implement structural change to address historic fractures caused by racism and the systems that perpetuate it. It is the goal of our shared work to foster life-giving community within our church and in relationship with the whole family of God. We accomplish this mission through intentional dialogue, inclusive worship and experiential education.