Decolonizing the Church

In recent years, the term “decolonization” has entered popular vocabulary, drawing attention to the role of religious organizations in gentrification and the history of colonial oppression. This subject is complex and frequently fraught with contradicting ideas about defining religious ideals, colonialism, and its victims. How can congregations uphold their standards while actively combating social injustice? In this New Church Hacks episode, we will unpack these ideas and:

1. Focus on anti-racism as an approach to church development and community engagement
2. Create space for conversations and practical ways in which to shape and reshape congregational DNA to reflect anti-racist discipleship
3. Raise awareness of ways in which your congregation is colonialistic

Pastor Terrell is joined by featured guests Brandon Wrencher (Minister and Organizer of the Good Neighbor Movement), Naomi Washington-Leapheart (Director for Faith-Based and Interfaith Affairs for the City of Philadelphia and Faith Work Director for the National LGBTQ Task Force), and Chris Morton (Regional Minister of Disciples of Christ in Nebraska and Director of Cotner College Educational Ministries).