Scholarships for Educational Ministries 

As of September 2021, Cotner College Educational Ministries is beginning to provide scholarships again. Cotner College Educaitonal Ministries is seeking to be as transparent as we can about our Scholarships.   

PLEASE read the Scholarship Fund Guidelines to understand the NEW way to apply for scholarships, and how they are awarded.  The Guidelines provide details both about how much funds are available, the deadlines for applying, and the decision-making process. 

Application deadlines, timing for review, and notifications of decisions is detailed in the matrix below: 

Application Deadline Date Reviewed by Notification of Decision by
March 31st May 10th May 31st
June 30th August 10th August 31st
September 30th November 10th November 30th
December 31st February 10th February 28th

Scholarship Fund Guidelines

Scholarship Fund Application Form