COVID-19: Region-Wide Conversations

Region-Wide Conversations on COVID-19/Pandemic
May 14th Conversation – Some Resources
Outline of Process – Planning Group Notes
Emotional Phases of a Disaster
COVID and Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

June 23rd Conversation – Some Resources
Outline and Questions
Zoom Poll Report – 5 Questions


  1. Emotional Phases of a Disaster.pdf
  2. Karen Moritz Column on Grief and Loss.pdf
  3. Methodist Hospital Article – Melissa Strong.pdf
  4. COVID and Maslows Hierarchy of Needs.pdf

Resources to Get Support:

  1. Nebraska Selected Behavioral Health Resource List.pdf
  2. Lincoln – Mental Health and Addiction Resources.pdf
  3. Without Casseroles in Crowded Churches: 10 Ways to Support the Grieving While Social Distancing  – article in Patheos.pdf
  4. All Mental Health – Supporting Your Mental Health During Corona virus: –  (there will be four boxes to choose from on the first page, and each box will take you to specific resources for that area e.g.: worry, relationships and boundaries, feeling overwhelmed, understanding emotions); and
  5. MYLINK – a Smart Phone/iPhone application you can download to find resources in Lincoln.