Annual Standing


Thank you for being a part of the Nebraska Region of Disciples of Christ!

The Christian Church In Nebraska requests that all active and inactive clergy, ordained and commissioned, complete this form once each year.

In keeping with The Design of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Regional Churches are responsible for reviewing and certifying the Ministerial Standing of all ordained and commissioned Disciples clergy each year who live in the Region.  When your Standing is acknowledged by the Regional Church, your name is listed in the Official Year Book and Directory of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for the ensuing year.

It is important to know that the YearBook is the primary document that the IRS uses to verify ministerial standing; which is the basis for your eligibility for housing allowance exclusions, as well as your access to Search & Call.  Standing translates to your being “accountable and up-to-date with” the required denominational criteria for maintaining your ecclesiastical certification.

Ministerial Standing Forms:

Ordained Minister’s Click Here: (word)  (pdf)

Commissioned Minister’s Click Here: (word) (pdf)

2020 Standing Instructions (pdf)

Standing Operating Procedure (pdf)

With God’s Peace ~~~ Chris